We have semen available from our studs. Call or email us for additional info.

As a professional breeder, studying Canine Reproduction has been my passion for over 20 years. It is a continuous learing journey. All breeders at one time or another have felt the frustrations of a missed pregancy or a complicated breeding. I offer my experence and services to help breeders achive success in their own breedings with less stress and half the costs of going through a Clinic. ALL American Bulldogs WELCOME HYbrids or 100% Johnson after approval from Big Sky Kennels. Proof of current vaccinations required.

I will hlep you take the guessing out of Breeding. A proven method to obtain 90%+ conception rates and larger litter sizes.

PROGESTERONE TESTING ($30.00 per test) - This test is the most valuable tool a breeder has. When the blood level of the bitch reaches a certain level ovulation is occurring and that is the correct date to mate. Counting days means nothing you must know when ovulation is occurring. Proven to obtain higher conception rates and larger litters.

CYTOLOGY ($10.00 per test) - Check normal balance of the vaginal cannel. Used as a guide to track the population of epithelial cells undergo a gradual trasition to complete cornification. Cytology can only make estimates as to when a dog may come into stading heat,and used as a tool to start progesterone testing or dectect Diestreus (fertal period over).

ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION (AI) ($50.00 per insemination) - Dont miss breeding your bitch if she is uncoooperative and will not allow a natural breeding.AI,is a procedure that is controlled, sterile and stress-free for both the male and female.

SEMEN EVALUATION ($25.00 collection and evaluation) - With natural matings there is no way to tell if the males semen is capable of fertilizing an egg. One small drop of semen viewed under a microscope will confirm the quality and motility of the colleciton. Why would any one go through all the nessessary steps of getting your bitch ready to breed if you dont know the male can fertilize the eggs?

PREGNANCY TESTING ($40.00 per test) - When the female dog becomes pregnant the placenta will release the hormone relaxin. This simple blood test can confirm a pregnacy or let you know if your female is having a false pregnancy. Less costly then ultratsound.

BOARDING ($25.00 per day per dog) - We can board your dog during the breeding process. Feeding and supplementing per your request.